“First Berlin Masterclass in Modern Rhinoplasty Techniques”
March 25th, 2017

This Berlin Masterclass aims to teach you basic and advanced techniques in modern rhinoplasty. Starting with the basics, such as surgical anatomy, patient selection and pre- and postoperative care.

Furthermore introduction to modern rhinoplasty: approaches, hump resection, micro-osteotomies, tip surgery, grafts in nasal surgery and more advanced: revision rhinoplasty, the use of composite grafts and basics in nasal reconstruction.

With Holger Gassner, Werner Heppt and myself, we will combine power point presentations with live surgery video clips.

Prof. Dr. G.J. Nolst Trenité Prof. Dr. H.G. Gassner Prof. Dr. W. Heppt

Prof. Dr. G.J. Nolst Trenité

Prof. Dr. H.G. Gassner
Schön Klinik Nürnberg,

Prof. Dr. W. Heppt
Clinical Center Karlsruhe,

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