“First Berlin Masterclass in Modern Rhinoplasty Techniques”

March 25th, 2017

08.30   Registration
09.00   Applied surgical anatomy (WH)
09.20   Patient selection (HG)
09.40   Pre- and postoperative management (WH)
10.00   Hump resection and micro-osteotomies (GNT)
10.30   Coffee break
11.10   Approaches: closed or open (GNT)
11.40   Endonasal complete release approach (HG)
12.20   Open rhinoplasty (WH)
12.50   Lunch break
14.00   Basics in nasal reconstruction (WG)
14.30   Finesse in tip surgery (HG)
15.00   Grafts in nasal surgery (GNT)
15.30   Revision rhinoplasty (HG)
16.00   Composite grafts in rhinoplasty (GNT)
16.30   Closing ceremony and certifcates

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